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How do you sharpen your saw?

I just finished a chess game against my smartphone; an exercise I regularly do since Autumn 2010. A that time, I was battling against my newly bought windows 7 laptop, to keep my mind alert. Does it work? I don’t … Continue reading

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Knowledge should be made free

I find it always amazing to hear on all broadcast¬†channels how impossible it is for things to change. All institutions, some listed below; which wisely built a model that made knowledge reachable for the mass, got not only a short … Continue reading

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Storify makes storytelling hit the web

If I could present and show you a simple way that you can design and share amazing stories over Internet, would you be interested? Storytelling, as the art to convey a message in order to entertain, to educate, to share … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I’m kind of emotional by starting my personal blog and being an IT freak I feel comfortable keeping this title. “Hello World!” is thus my Grand Opening to Internet on my personal communication channel. Having worked several years in the … Continue reading

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