Why do I work out?

Working out on a bikeWhy do I work out 2 to 4 times a week?

Why to take so much time sweating, suffering, feeling inadequate in front a mirror?

Why did I chose to follow a work out program?

Why to have renewed my membership card at the corporate gym?

All these questions and others have been in my mind a lot the past weeks. Every single time I was starting my program…

For each questions, there are numerous answers all in the vicinities of feeling better, gaining back some stamina and strength, making Ladies look at me on the street or more vanity and self-centred ones related to getting a 6 packs.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a cartoon from the Oatmeal entitled At the gymWho is looking at whom  and I think it’s the one that triggered this post as I realised that I am looking at myself, looking at the mirror.

I am very extrovert, whom tend to be highly influenced by the atmosphere surrounding them. When the atmosphere is positive, I tend to feel super great. In case it’s not, I’m also affected. Truth be told, gym atmosphere is not the most cheerful kind. Even though I enjoy a lot sport and routine activities such as running, I’m having difficulties to deal with gym centres when I’m by myself on a treadmill or a bicycle or lifting weight.

Beyond my physical aptitudes, “it all in the mind” which I got reminded yesterday at the end of my program. Indeed, sometimes I stop, or refrain myself of doing so, when the mind decides to give up while body is still OK. How do I know about the body? When I stop my hand from the STOP button and keep on running, I finish without feeling a step in a tomb.

The real answer to all the questions above and the one from the title is because I would like  my mind to get stronger. I know I can be resilient, stubborn even, strong minded and focused when I enjoy what I do or the expected outcome(s). Though more times then I would like, I tend to give up on other things even before starting them. When I think or feel something is worthless, I could give up and regret afterwards as I didn’t have all information and missed opportunities. Many people are like that, for me, gym turn to become a mental exercise as well.

Back on my treadmill, I tend to get along well when other person are running or exercising around or when listening to music or having my mind distracted in a way or another. Remember the extrovert thing above? It makes it hard for me to have a long mental conversation only with myself. Though when alone and all the distractions fade out, I also tend to give up on running or exercising. “Why should I do all that?” is the main question at such times.

Though I strive to continue, not to allow negative thoughts stay on the way, I continue a little longer, encouraging myself, relying on past deeds, or expected reward, etc. In few months or year, I may win a competition or two, I may look slimmer, sexy and adulated by a singleton, though the real victory will be when I’ll be able to run on a treadmill while having a rich internal conversation with myself on how to make African Union get a Peace Nobel Prize, watching it on a TV like device having my Grand-kids on my laps. I also want to be resilient and focused on elements that I don’t necessarily like or enjoy at first, it will allow me to have even more impact and energy on the challenging and interesting ones.

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