Mens sana in corpore sano

Many things can be subject of learning. When you are aware of it, you can, like with Judo, to turn this to work for you!

At the moment, I’m Intern in a French company and one of the elements that made me decide to join it is linked to quality of life… One might not insist enough that next to money and colleagues, an extra that can bring additional quality in life such as working flexibility, great work environment and atmosphere, fitness centre, helps to enjoy work more.

What’s the link with the famous Latin quote? Because few weeks ago, I challenged myself and, for the first time, registered in a fitness centre…

In the Key to Life, Will Smith shared with the world a message generation of ancients strove to seed in younglings’ minds…. A message that could be paraphrased as “Learn as much as you can and go beyond your own limits”.  You probably remember these moments, blessed among all first weeks during which your body is just in pain and asking for mercy… As many of you, I do cherish these instants because it’s my choice to pass through them to get a victory on myself, to shake a bit my personal entropy.

I am applying through this “experiment” some guidelines I learnt on my path thanks notably to Stephen Covey and the 7 habits of highly effective people:

Be Proactive

I had the opportunity thanks to my job opportunity to benefit from that service costing me few peanuts. I just went there, registered, took a rendez-vous with a coach and started my personal program without being pushed or pulled.

Having the end in mind

I made clear for myself, and my fitness coach made me formulate, what I wanted to achieve through this programme.

First things first

In such activity which are highly linked to self esteem, I took the time to think about what is great expected outcomes and prioritise actions to reach these and what is linked to vanity and can come later on on the scale.

Sport activities always taught me important lessons about Leadership, Teamwork, Perseverance and many other skills. Here is an example of how one can take initiative to work out mind and body at once. Mens sana in corpore sano is not much about multi-tasking, rather a positive kiss cool effect! ;)

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