Welcome to Herve Tunga T-blog!

The purpose of this blog is to share with you pieces of knowledge and wisdom, I am encountering throughout my personal path as IT graduate, Soft-skills trainer and World citizen, in order for us to learn what is not inborn.

My name is Herve Tunga, a Belgian citizen, who had the privilege to meet Non Governmental Organisation and discover people who creates mainly using knowledge, creativity and teamwork as main currency. International Soft-skills Trainer, IT graduate, Internet user and Libraries’ Scavenger, I am opening myself as contributor to this new media which has been my professional environment for over 2 years.

"Hello world" From Belgium

Projects and assignments where collaboration, team work, knowledge sharing and effective feedback are fostered, are the places I am amazed, grow and develop. Therefore, Herve Tunga T-blog will be a place for you and me to interact, share and discover elements related to Soft-skills Training, Technology, Design and various other elements which might be of interest.


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